Reading through the Bible

Happy Easter!  

So Lent got away with me, due to some busyness in my schedule and a health concern I took a break from commenting every day.  Hopefully now I am getting back into it.  Way to keep it up while I was gone.  

Here is what we are doing each day.

Sunday: Questions

Monday: Salvation History

Tuesday: Historical Criticism

Wednesday: Reader Response

Thursday: Law and Gospel

Friday: Textual Criticism

Saturday:  Sabbath—just read and pray

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Reading Through the Bible

Celebration of the 500 year anniversary of the reformation

We are reading through the Bible in order to celebrate the anniversary of the reformation, we would invite you to join us where ever we are, or you could just start reading daily.  Remember Luther wanted to get Scripture into the hand of everyone so they would grow to know God better.  Join us!